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Tool of the Trade

My little leather cover holding
little “Live & Explore” notepads
that hold scads of notes and poems
It’s home is my back pocket
with my sword of choice
a black Bic Atlantis
medium point
and between
us we have
created worlds


Too much time wasted
waiting for inspiration
when what’s needed
is a throat clearing spit
Get all the shit you’ve
swallowed out
Let it hit who it hits
If you can do this
you may discover poetry

Behind the Pen

I’m a rhythm writer primarily
My rhymes internal
Often merely implied
Subjects diverse
Some themes universal
A style cobbled from
an amalgam of great
poetic minds that
I imbibe without shame
If I am better today
than yesterday then
osmosis is alive
and well

Poetry Slave

A poem!
A poem!
screamed the damnable wretches
as if I could open my hand and
one would fall out like candy
A poem!
Their words tore at me
determined as they were
to force my soul out
drop by inky drop
What could I do, a
poor slave to the masses
so I tossed them this –
and it passed

Batter Up!

Few of my poems are home runs
Some of the better might be doubles
with a run coming in – how bout that!
But it’s mostly strikes filling my stats
yet I still take my chances
Always swinging for the fences

Thank You, Jane

Reading Jane Kenyon
is my chosen
defense against
the cold wet
darkness outside
that is insidiously
sliding into
my soul
How easily she writes
of cats rolling on
sunny rugs and
poppies shouting
from far fields
and even on less
pleasant subjects
her words feel like
a healing balm
There is an ease
there, a warmth
in her flow that
becomes a cozy
cocoon – a true
testament to what
great poetry can do