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You Must

It is you who must care
for no one else will
Waiting for a congratulatory
hand on your shoulder
you’ll be waiting still
when the earth consumes
your abandoned frame
Hear me, artists!
Ye small gods of creation
Though none may approve
you must do what you do
and unburden your soul

Stubbed Toes

Was my verse substandard today?
Did my poems lack proper aplomb?
Yes, it’s true, but I am untroubled
I made no promises otherwise that
I can recall
Allow me to stagger
To stumble along
banging my toes
against the stones
It’s okay
Falling forward is
the only way
we unteachable
will ever

Poor Poets Dream

Oh to write words immortal!
To write verse
so beautiful
so timeless
that it is revered
two-hundred years
from now
To live eternal via
thoughts scribbled
on a Solstice Friday
in 2018
How amazing would
that be?
If it happens, sadly,
I won’t be alive to
see it