Tag: Wind

To Be The Wind

I am envious of the wind
How it travels the world
choosing its pace
Racing past the ugliness
or slowing to kiss the faces
of smiling daisies
Scratching behind the
ears of polar bear cubs
Caressing bodies entwined
in love under the moon
on exotic secluded beaches
There is nowhere it does
not reach
The breathless breath
of the ages


This bitter wind is a
shepherd to the trees
deftly shearing the
snowy fleece from the
Leyland Cypress along
the fence line
The white crystals
leap skyward
before falling
to earth a
second time
around the
freshly shorn

I Can See The Wind

Some shift has come
Some magic
not of my doing
Time rendered to a crawl
I’ve been up for hours
yet the clocks barely move
at all
Around the house I have gone
upstairs and down
checking each one
They all read the same
Strange day
has arrived here
I can see the wind

Funeral Director

The wind came today not at all pleasantly
but swirling and cold I’m told with
coffee in hand standing inside
it appeared funereal and efficient
Nature’s mortician rearranging the
dead arms of departed bitternut hickories