Tag: Trees


Though their time together is brief
the trees love the fireflies deeply
Cherished as the twinkling stars
come down to earth to play at
their feet and tickle their leaves
and the trees giggle and tell them
fairy tales of magical things
Of fluffy white snow
and long dark nights
of cold

Cold Clutch

The cedars are drunk
from too much ice
Swaying heavily like
a hopeless lush striving
courageously to remain
between the
sidewalk’s edges
they both
will begin to weep
releasing their frozen heart’s
burdens to return to the earth

In Truth

All we need to know
is whispered
by the leaves
of oak trees

and all we need to see
to believe
becomes clear
when a hawk
takes wing

A soul can’t be discerned
over the din of
trifling concerns
All the clutter
we place first
creates only
a dearth
of hope


The cedars were
whispering mysteries
in the easy rain
as day began
padding catlike
along the
eastern mountains
wet tracks
snaking over
the ridge line
but her approach
did not come
the cedars,
old and wise,
slipped their
secrets off their
shoulder with a
sexy sway
and a smitten
ever dutiful,
whisked them
safely away