Tag: Soul

You Must

It is you who must care
for no one else will
Waiting for a congratulatory
hand on your shoulder
you’ll be waiting still
when the earth consumes
your abandoned frame
Hear me, artists!
Ye small gods of creation
Though none may approve
you must do what you do
and unburden your soul

So Close

Across seven skies
to where rivers flow
sweet and cold
and love grazes
as a fawn along the
green meadow’s edge
Where red poppies bloom
in unleashed freedom
not twisted into wreathes
to mark a million graves
It’s all there
West of all that men know
As close as your soul

Comes The Night

Comes the night
when my sight
will no longer serve me
mere ashes blowing across
the earth
so if I find any beauty
in the moon and stars
up there
it will do no harm at all
to stare
to spare
a few extra moments
in silent awe
to imprint them
upon my soul

In Truth

All we need to know
is whispered
by the leaves
of oak trees

and all we need to see
to believe
becomes clear
when a hawk
takes wing

A soul can’t be discerned
over the din of
trifling concerns
All the clutter
we place first
creates only
a dearth
of hope

Ease Up!

Be a friend
to yourself
Everyone else
will be easier
and life more
one’s own soul
by the throat
every day
is no way
to behave
towards the
greatest gift
ever conveyed
The mistakes
we make are
human not
our worth
We all matter
Ease up and
you will see

Wholesome Prison Blues

My spirit is home
to the
more blue
than the
shrieking indigo
trapped in the petals
of a Poorman’s Weatherglass
A blue deeper than a
gravedigger’s dream
after the last Mass
and two shades below
the belly of
foreboding storms
The consuming
of the
infinite void
where to sink





is the sublimest
of joys