Tag: snow


The day creeps over
the roadside ditches
filled with rotting corpses
of snow like the notes
of a dirge and the air is
pregnant with an
imperative to retreat
beneath the sheets
To escape from the
Dickensian misery of
this dirty pall passing
itself off as life
Even the sun refuses

The Snow Is Dying

The snow is dying
I hear its chaste white limbs
exploding against the cedar boughs
See them as they fall shattered
to the ground
No one weeps
The earth will absorb
every trace of its
blood to feed the
waiting blooms
of Spring

Winter Storm Prep

Old man winter is
a lot like me
warming up before
the heavy lifting
First a few flurries
twisting to the left
then to the right
followed by a few sets
of light snow to get
the humidity flowing
Slap on the 50lb plates
of ice crystals and start
the gun show


Though their time together is brief
the trees love the fireflies deeply
Cherished as the twinkling stars
come down to earth to play at
their feet and tickle their leaves
and the trees giggle and tell them
fairy tales of magical things
Of fluffy white snow
and long dark nights
of cold


Bing’s still dreaming of
a white Christmas or so
sings my radio though he
is oblivious to this
He lit out forty-one
years ago to no one
knows where but they
kept his bones
at Holy Cross Cemetery
in Culver City Cali
where the chance of snow
is perpetually
a big fat


At the break of day
came a silent
hymn of hope
A glimmer
A shimmering sliver
of soft morning sun
trickling through
the cedar boughs
onto earth’s
face still
covered with
snow and though
a small thing
It was enough

Impending Assault

Tiny snowflakes
twisting trickling
feeling their way
through the
thick air
advance scouts
mapping the ground
for the shock troops
massing high in the gray
Soon they will be
they will fall upon
and smother the earth


What beauty
greater known
than a cardinal
midst the snow,
a point of grace
on cedar’s bough,
a crimson cloak
nature endowed,
quickly seen
then gone again
but the vision
lingers, and reigns
as hope, strong,
for he will return