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Poetry of Random Things

Purple petunias overflow
a window box high above
the cobblestone
Grandma’s secret
Hungarian Goulash
recipe simmers
in a tiny kitchen
scenting and heating
the grey afternoon
Warming the view
The poetry of
random things

Strolling Through a Friday Mind

Standing over six feet three
and one-hundred 95 pounds
I’m all elbows
in the shower
Hard to know what
I’ll knock down
Bent wings jutting
out like a raptor
riding a thermal
sans elegance
and grace
But I can
place the beans
on the top shelf
and peer over most
everyone else
at the mall
so a banged up shower
is a small
price to pay
And what is it with
the long introductions
to poetry books anyway?
I came
to read
the poetry not
about what it means
That’s for me
to glean
The literary equivalent
to banging my elbows
before I get clean

Slapdash Soiree (or A Collection of Random Scribbles in One Act)

What do you do
with a funk when
it settles
on you
like funks do
and the world
is a rocket
racing away
It can’t wait
or so
the little man said
who runs through my head
starting fires
And already
the first heralds
of Fall are
in the trees
from the earth
in thin layers
while they hope
for a pardon
from Winter’s
Marshal October
who’s just now
rounding around
the mountains
on his way
to town
And all I’ve
never known
and left undone
is buried in
the ground
the sound
of hooves