Tag: Poetry


My debt is unforgivable
and accrues with the
dawn of each new day
This breath I have
borrowed and two dead
lessees of sight
while others are blind
Two hawks I saw today
Lifelong mates
How can I repay
such a sight?
These few miserly rhymes
barely interest

Field of Dreams

Broken bicycle a
clear compound
of the spine
whiskers of rust
a twilight shadow
along its lines
barely visible in
what once was a
field of dreams
does its long time
best friend ever think
of it on warm June

Saturday Does What It Wants

A sunny Saturday
that four days ago
was snowy and two
days past was
overcast and wet
has arrived sans
umbrella or heavy coat
thumbing his breezy nose
at those who claimed
to have known him
not giving a damn
about all the plans
he upended


Following the old lines
of lost sad fishermen
up from the depths
to the empty nets
salt glistening from the
tickle of the moon’s
light on the ghost ships
plying the night
on the Great Lakes
I found a poem
A smallish waif
afraid of the dark
Unwilling to wet its
toe on the page

One Gentle Hour

I need it to be Spring
for one gentle hour
Me seated on a stone
by a mountain stream
birds singing
bees buzzing
bluebells flowering
in fullness glowing
their buoyant glow
Just an hour
The I’ll come home

Passing By The World Tree

I spoke to Yggdrasil
on my way back,
or leaving,
One of those two
That is I tried to speak
but Ratatoskr kept
disturbing my thoughts
scurrying from
bottom to top
chattering invective
Curses I hadn’t
heard before and I
forgot my words
so I walked away,
Or towards,
One of those two

Me I Am

a dislocated shoulder
in society’s strait jacket
of arcane ideas of
who I should be
painfully extricating
from erstwhile expectations
and moth eaten misconceptions
Me I am and
me I’ll be
wriggling free
from institutionalized
lies and manufactured

Only Me

I shall write like
Jane Kenyon!
I decided emphatically
as I set her collected
works aside duly inspired
I put pen to paper
to write
and write I did!
but once again I find
only me
only me
and it’s
only Wednesday