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This day merited a
better fate than the
unprophesied way I
waded through it
Hours of slow pacing
staring at the rain thinking
I should go somewhere yet
Proving Inertia

But what of it?

Billions of people had this
day right along with me
Surely two or three
succeeded at

Mountain Town

Surrounded by mountains
sits Big Lick so named
for a large natural
salt outcropping
A big draw for wildlife
The name didn’t stick
but the town did growing
into a city

And that’s about it

More room for
more of the same
Folks got old and died
and their kids lived
and passed that way, too

Some odd force holds
people in place
Never enough ambition
No plan
to evade its
staid gravity
The mountains can
hold a soul tight
Past what makes sense
or wrong or right
Now it’s a big cell
that refuses to divide
cupped close by those
sexy, wily mountains

A nice place to visit
It’s pretty
But I stopped living there
and had to escape

Bring To Simmer and Reduce

People clamor to be a
part of something larger
by the glamor
of the grand
band of brothers
marching off together to do
whatever grand bands do
Like minds through and through
but what of reducing?
Factor the I
Grind it to its
and find
that you are
a giant

One Ticket, One Ride

I remained in my first marriage
several years past its expiration date
Leaving seemed much harder than
staying but when you’re in the
wrong place a wise soul faces the
pain and escapes
As far as anyone knows we get
one shot in this place
The first and last ride
Step up and find a way
to thrive
to smile
make good use of the time
while you’re here

My First Christmas Dinner

I gorged on my first
Christmas dinner
I must have gorged
birthed around nine
pounds of chubby
not much later
Was there turkey?
There is a certain
sameness to foods
poured through the cord
Some say tastes are
acquired in the womb
I’ll eat anything
in the room


Gods are larghissimo
Adante moderato too
Alpha and omega
to souls most desperate
and Sketches of Spain
when Miles Davis played it


Symphony and melody
heavens and below
to play the days sweetly
mark well the tempo
taking careful heed to
where you place your notes

Hanging By A Thread

My brother would have been
fifty-seven yesterday
had he not died today
some twenty-nine years
ago gone away
Setting the math aside
(it’s mostly for the rhyme)
I am reminded of this

Of my life I am king

Until I’m not

His early death
as my personal
Sword of Damocles

Comes The Night

Comes the night
when my sight
will no longer serve me
mere ashes blowing across
the earth
so if I find any beauty
in the moon and stars
up there
it will do no harm at all
to stare
to spare
a few extra moments
in silent awe
to imprint them
upon my soul

Death By Tech

All the hobby shops have departed
packed up and absconded with the
mom and pop hardware stores to a
deserted isle where they have laid
miles of HO track and deep thinkers
play complex board games neath
palm shade in neat little huts they
built with their own creative hands
A nice land to visit if you
get the chance but who can
find the time? Maybe they
are online


Love was the absence of pain
The belt withheld for paying obeisance
if the grades were good
depending on her mood
she might be lenient
a roof food clothes bed
nuff said
she the ramrod of this
orphanage equivalent
and no permission for