Tag: Life


I have (lately) been
enjoying life more (accidentally,
be assured) a state
while pleasant (as anticipation –
like that of an understudy
contemplating illness overtaking
the lead) seems not to be
conducive to worthwhile
poetry leaving me to
lean heavily on parenthesis
(eschewing) punctuation
as a compensatory measure

Take Heart!

You’ll all be dead soon
I presume,
in earth’s
measure of time
A wink of an eye
and I will be too
so take heart!
It will all be over
in no time and we’ll
wonder why we bitched so much


At the keyhole
death and life
hostage situation
missed opportunities
attention starved gods and goddesses
closet filled with fugitive hours
so many doors in
this drafty house


My debt is unforgivable
and accrues with the
dawn of each new day
This breath I have
borrowed and two dead
lessees of sight
while others are blind
Two hawks I saw today
Lifelong mates
How can I repay
such a sight?
These few miserly rhymes
barely interest

Fire Born

I was born of fire
long after my birth
A raw gem
in need of polishing
and life obliged me
The coarse wheel tore
me the longest
Shaped me
and now
my remaining days
are fodder for the
fine grit
to render those
harshly etched

Some Days

Some days are desperate
A cold ache arises between
the shower and the first coffee
A hollow pain that screams the
need to belong
To believe in something
To be a card carrying part
of a larger that defines you
That proclaims
this is my thing!
And some days that
won’t go away


The Taj Mahal
shows best at dawn
From a distance
With the camera
just so and
the millipede of
human existence
forbidden to go

Held back


Up close
reality is a
weathered canvas
A study in decay

The Letter (Postage Due)

I would like to write a letter
long and thoughtful and simple
in expression to touch upon
a few life lessons worth
mentioning to younger me
Some items he
could have known
might have known
but didn’t

Of gods and goddesses
How they are sold
door-to-door even
by tax exempt piety
To be careful not
to buy but rather
to find

And of love there is
much to say
How it is too often
traded the same
as the gods but know
that love is not conditional
Not something to be earned
but free
when it is true
do not believe it

Of course you have heard that
to give is better than to receive
and I consider it to be true
But seek to know the reason
most of all and you will
be rewarded

Do you recall you were told
you could be anything you
wanted to be?
Well, the world will try to
steal that belief from you
Hold fast to it even though
many will speak ill of your
Do not fear them
Cling to your dreams
and change the world

I hope this gets to you
I confess I do not know
the postage for a parcel
to the distant past

Keep moving forward
The years will pass
increasingly fast



Not Good (The Verdict)

“Only the good die young”
A dagger!
My youth years ago took sail
Long gone
Around the Cape of Good Hope
Easing Easterly
to fairer lands
and yet I stand
I am not good
My breath still fogs
the mirror
reflecting proof if the
adage be true
Oh woe!
My heart is broken!