Tag: Humor

Take Heart!

You’ll all be dead soon
I presume,
in earth’s
measure of time
A wink of an eye
and I will be too
so take heart!
It will all be over
in no time and we’ll
wonder why we bitched so much

Mr. Editor

He was a spacious fellow
who insisted on
and the company of
beggarly poets
whose sallow
coffee shop
wine flush
and fervent need
for approval
(which they fervently denied!)
proved a great source
of mirth on rainy days
He insisted they refer
to him as “Mr. Editor”

Poetic Udderance

There comes a time –
Let’s say it’s now
when it’s fine to rhyme
said the studious cow

So I thought it over
and said I’ll try
and the cow ate clover
while I penned these lines

And the sky was blue,
The fat clouds, white
And I sang “I’m through!”
to the cow’s delight

The End


Are you weary of your mind?
You can try mine!
It’s not new but I swear
I don’t use it
much these days
I’m confident enough
synapse remains
connected to convey
you across town
To the grocery
Or the liquor store
with a bevy of new
twisted memories
to absorb!
I charge the going rate
and not a penny more


There is no end to
my wicked ways
Often have I worn white
after Labor Day
Drinking a bottle
of Cab a night is
commonplace – I’ve
read that’s bad
And I begin sentences
with conjunctions
And I do it a lot
Because I write thoughts
like I speak

Generally speaking

I’m a miscreant

The Thing About Mustard

It is impossible


to have an errant
mustard squirt without
collateral damage
This substance is
Quantum Theory
in practice
at the same time
wherever you look
Put on gloves to
clean it up and
it will be on your elbow

Quite tasty on ham though


The big stores were the
big winners


Convinced us that to spend
was the best way to
win friends and influence children
so I did


And now they’re gone
without a peep
till next year


And I’m sitting
home fighting the
need to sleep for a week
and yes
You guessed it


But the little dresses
were amazingly cute
and the smiles
so I think
next year I’ll
do it