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Some Rules (doo-be-doo)

Write what you know
blah blah blah
Ignore opinions of others
and write every
Rhyme dammit! (if you’re
in the mood, anyway)
Now you’re a poet!
We’re done
I’m through
(and if it doesn’t
hurt too much make some
sense once in a while –
for the rest of us)


I have (lately) been
enjoying life more (accidentally,
be assured) a state
while pleasant (as anticipation –
like that of an understudy
contemplating illness overtaking
the lead) seems not to be
conducive to worthwhile
poetry leaving me to
lean heavily on parenthesis
(eschewing) punctuation
as a compensatory measure

At The Edge of the World

Massive headstone of
Norwegian Blue Pearl
standing alone at the
edge of the world
no name no
span of years
no mourners gathered
to shed a tear
just a worn battle axe
angled carefully
on the grass
What soul this
that rests upon
this precipice
the end of
man’s days?


Nature is privately owned
Can’t go to the river
where I used to go to
be with the stones
It’s posted
If I pay
I can stroll
a National Forest
with all the other
landless folk
engulfed by humans again
That which none could
ever own
bought and sold
No escape
It’s on the bill of sale
Stay away!


Eight days into March
and the snow is falling
hard (harmless) like the
after encountering
it’s lost its teeth
Imposing in appearance
but incapable of creating
much chaos Winter has
abandoned his most
famous child
left to bleed out on
the mean streets of
approaching Spring


a collective
Jabba the Hutt
organism ingesting
the beauty of
the earth
in the rivers
in the trees
in the clouds
Take a picture
while nature’s
still around!

The Tree and Me

So a tree fell in the forest
but no one heard it
which means no one
observed it
which means the tree
may not even exist
and what does that
mean for me
here in this house
I rarely leave
rarely seen
rarely heard
so a tree fell in the forest
it could have been me


you’ve been holding out
on me
Last night you came
strong with a dream
in which I was relating
a dream you portrayed
for me many years ago

Like it was nothing

I can’t recall dinner
from yesterday and yet
you’re rolling out
minutiae from way
way back

Renaissance Man

And here’s March
jaunty as fuck
opening a briefcase
of January
papers flying
but he doesn’t care
because March is a
renaissance man
ready for anything
a handkerchief of
summer in his
back pocket and he
might use it
might not
either way
he won’t change
until he’s ready

To Return To Life

Staying awake the challenge –
the unscalable granite face
that rises from the earth
like a Phoenix each afternoon
mocking me
I clutch my coffee
shuffling and staggering to
go around through the dense
fog behind my eyes
A lake lies on the other
side if I can get there
Splash my face
Return to life