Tag: Fatigue

To Return To Life

Staying awake the challenge –
the unscalable granite face
that rises from the earth
like a Phoenix each afternoon
mocking me
I clutch my coffee
shuffling and staggering to
go around through the dense
fog behind my eyes
A lake lies on the other
side if I can get there
Splash my face
Return to life

Coffee War

I forged coffee in my
Chemex this afternoon
Created so to act as
a buttress against
the merciless forces
of fatigue grinding
at my defenses
and reinforcements wait
in airtight Tupperware
for the scalding baptism
that will send them
pouring into the breach
but, alas,
the enemy has
reached my chamber

Pushed Too Hard

and I feel a crash coming
I’m sure of it
This flesh bucket in which
I ride has a hole in it
My strength pouring out
through my soles into
the ravenous earth with
an alarming alacrity
As if I didn’t need it
“Come back!” I plead
“Come back!”
“Will I ever feel you again?”
The words fall away
in heaps
my feet

Captive (The Sandman’s Heavy Hand)

Face slowly sliding
from my skull
drawn down by the
great weight of my lids
Jowls now sagging
to my clavicles
What a sight!
Poor me!
Fatigue’s fading captive
and all the coffee beans
in Indonesia
ground to powder
prove useless
to keep this
wilting flower
from returning to
Mother Earth

and slumber

The Weight

Music again inhabits
the room
Clair de Lune
set against a blistering
orange sunset seven days
removed from Yule
Surrounded by trees and
lights red and blue yet
something isn’t right
Such a weight I have
felt this today
Testing my resolve
as the earth tries
to swallow me