Tag: Death

They Seem Real Nice

dead and gone
They don’t cross
my mind
No fond memories
intruding on holidays
No sudden urges to call
We were family
That’s all
More a
periodically affectionate
living arrangement
Sometimes TV families
cause me to cry
It seems like it
would feel real nice

Take Heart!

You’ll all be dead soon
I presume,
in earth’s
measure of time
A wink of an eye
and I will be too
so take heart!
It will all be over
in no time and we’ll
wonder why we bitched so much


At the keyhole
death and life
hostage situation
missed opportunities
attention starved gods and goddesses
closet filled with fugitive hours
so many doors in
this drafty house

Not Good (The Verdict)

“Only the good die young”
A dagger!
My youth years ago took sail
Long gone
Around the Cape of Good Hope
Easing Easterly
to fairer lands
and yet I stand
I am not good
My breath still fogs
the mirror
reflecting proof if the
adage be true
Oh woe!
My heart is broken!

There Are Times

There are times when
no amount of crying
will suffice
though the great seas
rise and swell from
the depth and deluge of
our sorrow
the dead will not return
to life
love denied will remain
Wars will continue to absorb
the small broken bodies
of the innocent
but cry we must

and shall

for there are times
when tears are all that
are left to us


Sooner than later I’ll be dirt
Not just dirt but rich
nutritious earth that
lovely lavender crocus
will seek to host their
birth and the bees
The thirsty bees
will nurse as children
Old friends
And none will care
what a shit I’ve been
or about the many sins
of which I was falsely accused

Hanging By A Thread

My brother would have been
fifty-seven yesterday
had he not died today
some twenty-nine years
ago gone away
Setting the math aside
(it’s mostly for the rhyme)
I am reminded of this

Of my life I am king

Until I’m not

His early death
as my personal
Sword of Damocles

Comes The Night

Comes the night
when my sight
will no longer serve me
mere ashes blowing across
the earth
so if I find any beauty
in the moon and stars
up there
it will do no harm at all
to stare
to spare
a few extra moments
in silent awe
to imprint them
upon my soul


Recent delving into my ancestry
yielded a sobering discovery

Death runs in my family

It’s definitely genetic
Mom dad and brother
all came down with it
and not only that
It runs as far back
as I can track it
the big splash I was
set to make in 2128
will have to be slated
a bit sooner

The Cancer Had Him

seeing demons
and I leaned over
his delirium
They were real things
to him
and me
whether morphine dreams
or other
My older brother
in sheer terror
A man made a wraith
by cancer
Trimmed to the weight
of a petite ballet dancer
on a six foot two frame
I carried him to
another room
and the demons –
they came too
There was nothing
I could do
so I prayed
Hey God,
take me
There’s blood on my hands
The dirty work of Uncle Sam
But whatever god there be
The I Am
by whatever name
didn’t see things the same
as me
and my brother was gone
within a week
These are the things that
inform the dramatic scenes
of this play
we call life