Tag: Aging

Orchard Days (Transient Youth)

I recall the orchard days
The youthful fruit
Juices flowing
Now the bark
is noticeably gnarled
bathed in the melancholy
gold of mid-Autumn and
the breeze
once blunt and hot has
been burnished to a
clean edge by the brush
of long summer days
and it clips away what
the tree no longer needs
scattering leaves
and years


The old barn still stands
A weathered trawler sailing
on undulating waves of
fescue gone to seed
faded like the halcyon
halcyon summer days of
small family farms
like the
Mail Pouch Tobacco
sign once so bright
on its slatted sides
as the days I
ran and played
to age

Old Days

Watching an old western
on a channel that only old
folks watch it seems
every ad is for those with
one foot in the grave or
feet that hurt and cooking
devices that can be wiped
clean easily but wait,
there’s more!
All designed to get one back
to joyously pushing the grand
child in a wheelbarrow
or laughing and washing the dog
or using a cell phone that has
big buttons and a simple plan
so we can call all our old friends
and go for a walk at the park
cause we’re all a gnat’s ass
from being put in a home
No thanks, I’ll pass

Beauty’s Burden (The Peony’s Tale)

Such a burden is beauty sublime!
See how the great weight of it
drives the peony’s face to the
grass for the ants to devour
Thousands crawling along her
perfect alabaster petals
to feast on the sweetest part
of her fleeting youth and when
they are done she soon ages
and dies
Deemed useless

Thursday Thinking

What I dreamed so long ago I scant recall
An archaeologist exhuming pyramids
from the sands of Egypt was one
Abandoned somewhere trail side
on the uncertain path to adulthood
and the obligatory rock star fable
held sway for a time
Bass in hand
heading for the promised land
of fame and fortune and writing
songs with McCartney but I wasn’t
set up for that sacrifice
It wasn’t in my blood just
the passing plaything of
a teenage mind
and I ended up


With the rest of those wandering souls
who make no particular choices as to
how to spend a life
Employed for a suitable dowry
A house
Close ties to a
financial institution
with more checks than balances
floating around

Always wondering
if it’s too late
to re-write dreams that were
allowed to escape or to create
new ones to carry you through
to the end
knowing now
what wasn’t known then

that you will not pass this way again


I’ve tried reading Tolstoy’s
towering achievement only to
find I tire too easily
I am decreasing
Becoming smaller
Selling off belongings
I once burned to acquire
Inclining towards brevity
Say it powerfully
Move on
A form of wisdom
or senility

Warp Speed

Time speeds up as we age
Even though it feels
that way
it’s easy to explain
Twenty years ago
I was going to live
and now if I’m average
only about twenty remain
Perspective narrows
at the close of day


I opened my eyes
Rolled over to squint
at the clock
Its arms at seven
I sighed
closed my eyes for a second
Opened them again and it was nine
Just like that
And in that brief instant
I ran a large grocery
and fired a cashier
and I think back to
all the times I’ve
began a sentence with
“when I was in my twenties”
as if that was relevant
or even real . . .

I only closed my eyes for a second

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

I’ve felt this way before
and survived
yet I am still frightened
frightened by many things
that I’m older
little things
big things
I still handle with
the fearless grace of
those days when I was certain that
would ever get me
I know something will
some little thing
I won’t see
because I traded

Funny Bone

I am touched by the
outpourings of concern for the
potency of my penis
that propagate in my
but these missives
are positing
a creeping paranoia
over my performance.
The offers are
I am not –
but their
crystal balls
see a safe bet
and they won’t curtail
their advances,
waiting for their
that fateful day
when I awake
limp, and
to get things
cooking again