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One Ticket, One Ride

I remained in my first marriage
several years past its expiration date
Leaving seemed much harder than
staying but when you’re in the
wrong place a wise soul faces the
pain and escapes
As far as anyone knows we get
one shot in this place
The first and last ride
Step up and find a way
to thrive
to smile
make good use of the time
while you’re here

The Box (Seriously?)

Sitting quietly
reading poetry – Mary Oliver
and the doorbell rings
I spring to action
Heart pounding
Someone’s in trouble
I imagine running to
the door to see

a box

A fucking box

and the carrier casually
walking back to the van
Sweet Jesus
Now I need a drink

My First Christmas Dinner

I gorged on my first
Christmas dinner
I must have gorged
birthed around nine
pounds of chubby
not much later
Was there turkey?
There is a certain
sameness to foods
poured through the cord
Some say tastes are
acquired in the womb
I’ll eat anything
in the room


I drank a druzy draught
of stars
Celestial soda pop
Its effervescent fizzing
set my head to spinning
and I saw a cosmic shaman
astride Ursa Major
The Great Bear
His long hair flowing
as the animal bellowed
my name in the
tongue of the sun
The shaman motioned
me to come and we rode out
into eternity’s black heart


Gods are larghissimo
Adante moderato too
Alpha and omega
to souls most desperate
and Sketches of Spain
when Miles Davis played it


Symphony and melody
heavens and below
to play the days sweetly
mark well the tempo
taking careful heed to
where you place your notes

Hanging By A Thread

My brother would have been
fifty-seven yesterday
had he not died today
some twenty-nine years
ago gone away
Setting the math aside
(it’s mostly for the rhyme)
I am reminded of this

Of my life I am king

Until I’m not

His early death
as my personal
Sword of Damocles

A Not So Idyll Idyll (Long Ago in West Virginia)

I only visited
my paternal grandfather
A man who mistreated my dad
passed him around to
relatives houses
My mother insisted on the visit
I don’t know why
I was around nine at the time
sitting in the front room
The special room
that was not often used
in their little West Virginia
farmhouse and most of what
I recall is how dark it was
And small
And a smell – mothballs?
And how tall my grandfather
looked entering the room
Backlit by the bright
kitchen light behind him
and a mantle clock
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock
and it was the only
sound on the face
of God’s green earth

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

The reason for rainbows
surely is not
to mark the spot
of a hoard of gold where a
temperamental leprechaun
of old stands watch

or is it?

I’ve never been
to a rainbows end
nor stood in
Roy G. Biv’s
spectral glow
and dug a hole

why I’ve seen no leprechauns
and have no gold

Comes The Night

Comes the night
when my sight
will no longer serve me
mere ashes blowing across
the earth
so if I find any beauty
in the moon and stars
up there
it will do no harm at all
to stare
to spare
a few extra moments
in silent awe
to imprint them
upon my soul