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Writer, author, Navy vet, musician, intermittent mystic, old soul and practicing poet

Bring To Simmer and Reduce

People clamor to be a
part of something larger
by the glamor
of the grand
band of brothers
marching off together to do
whatever grand bands do
Like minds through and through
but what of reducing?
Factor the I
Grind it to its
and find
that you are
a giant

Tool of the Trade

My little leather cover holding
little “Live & Explore” notepads
that hold scads of notes and poems
It’s home is my back pocket
with my sword of choice
a black Bic Atlantis
medium point
and between
us we have
created worlds

A Life In Pixels

Only the slow laudanum drip
of likes along the top of my screen
saves me from the maddening pain
of obscurity        See how close to
the edge of darkness I walk!
Like reading Poe by candlelight
waiting for a
in the night

Daily Dose

Hard exercise is a tonic
for my post-traumatic life
and like most medicines
I don’t take to the
taste of it and
oh, to ditch the warm up!
But this older model body
has told me with no uncertainty,
stretch before or tear during
Despite the nuisance
I feel better after
grimacing and choking
it down
the muscles
are nice


At the break of day
came a silent
hymn of hope
A glimmer
A shimmering sliver
of soft morning sun
trickling through
the cedar boughs
onto earth’s
face still
covered with
snow and though
a small thing
It was enough


Too much time wasted
waiting for inspiration
when what’s needed
is a throat clearing spit
Get all the shit you’ve
swallowed out
Let it hit who it hits
If you can do this
you may discover poetry


Each time I think
I have regained myself
(and who that is I can’t
always tell)
The wizened old dragons
I thought had been quelled
again cast long shadows
upon the landscape
of my mind and
I must dust off
the ancient spells
Conjure the wizard in me
Bid him rise
Remind the leviathans
I am the dragonslayer
No fire shall claim me

Almost A Ghost

I was in Gettysburg
one cold November
trying to get a book done
in a motel room fronting
the forest of tourist trinkets
that is Steinwehr Avenue
and very late I made my
way to East Cemetery Hill
climbed the back of the
Oliver Otis Howard
monument and watched
the stars while behind me
across Baltimore Pike cars
of amateur ghost hunters
were riding by the cemetery
snapping pics hoping to catch
spirits strolling between
the stones and I thought that
maybe I ought to thrust my
arm past the edge of my
granite perch and be counted
among the disembodied
but I chose not like the rest
of the dead I didn’t wish
to be bothered

Impending Assault

Tiny snowflakes
twisting trickling
feeling their way
through the
thick air
advance scouts
mapping the ground
for the shock troops
massing high in the gray
Soon they will be
they will fall upon
and smother the earth


Sooner than later I’ll be dirt
Not just dirt but rich
nutritious earth that
lovely lavender crocus
will seek to host their
birth and the bees
The thirsty bees
will nurse as children
Old friends
And none will care
what a shit I’ve been
or about the many sins
of which I was falsely accused