Not Taken

Tara at Caribou Crossings gave me these first two lines and I ran with them. Thanks Tara! 🙂

A river dried up
A long and winding trail
that I couldn’t take
I was unworthy
to walk where once
such elegance flowed
I left it alone
for the snow and
the rain to rinse
the scar and heal
the pain of the
loneliness and the
strain of being empty –
yet forced to remain
I stayed on the bank
in reverent thanks
for what once was

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  1. Frost yearned to come back some other day to try the other way, but he knew he would never return, as “way leads on to way.” Your writing evokes a very specific image of the setting in my mind – red clay, barren sweeps, high fluted river mountains, the feeling of reverence for the water that once flowed right though here. —CC

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